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Rachael Pruitt
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My name is Rachael Pruitt and I’m a writer, storyteller, and teacher with a lifelong fascination for Celtic mythology and the Arthurian legend.

My new novel, The Dragon’s Harp, tells the story of the coming of age of the famous Queen Gwenhwyfar (the Welsh spelling for Guinevere) in a dark and frightening time. Merlin is her Uncle and, although she is a tribal Celtic princess who possesses both power and magic, she is in great danger from both the human and supernatural realms.

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Dragon’s Harp is just the beginning! I have plans for four more books about Gwenhwyfar and Merlin’s lives. The books are called Era of Dragons: The Lost Tales of Gwenhwyfar.


 I would like to thank all my fans, readers, and the gracious judges who are responsible for making The Dragon’s Harp a world-wide success! 

I am thrilled to announce that The Dragon’s Harp has now won two awards!

     1) 2013 Visionary Fiction Award from the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR)

                                     2) 2012 Global Ebook Award for Ancient Historical Literature

                                          Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for these wonderful accolades!!

Dragon’s Harp is available to purchase in all ebook formats, on Amazon, and by contacting the author directly for wholesale or retail orders.  In October of 2013, The Dragon’s Harp will also be available through Ingram Distributors. 


                                  Here’s what a few of my readers are saying about Dragon’s Harp:

 “From the first page I was drawn deep into Pruitt’s beautifully-realized Celtic realm, so vivid I felt as if I’d stepped right into the tale . . . With shades of The Mists of Avalon, the story is a magical blend of Welsh and Arthurian myth,

All the characters are so vividly rendered they soon lay siege to your heart, and you find yourself loving them, rooting for them, terrified for them, and utterly captivated by them.

—-Jules Watson, bestselling author of The White Mare Trilogy, The Swan Maiden, and The Raven Queen


Rachael Pruitt is a gifted storyteller, able to create vivid, three-dimensional characters in prose that is, by turns, lyrical and powerful. Readers who enjoyed the novels of Parke Godwin, Persia Woolley, Rosemary Sutcliff, and Marion Zimmer Bradley will love The Dragon’s Harp, in which Gwenhwyfar comes of age; best of all there are four more books to come…

Sharon K. Penman, New York Times Bestselling author of Lionheart, Here Be Dragons, & Time and Chance

“Rachael Pruitt is a natural story teller, and her love of the Guinevere character shines through every page of The Dragon’s Harp. It’s a pleasure to discover her take on this very old story.”Persia Woolley, author of The Guinevere Trilogy.

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And, fans–in response to all your kind questions and encouragement–you’ll be glad to know that I’m hard at work on the second Gwenhwyfar book: The Dragon’s Breath!

Dragon’s Harp is available to purchase in all ebook formats, on Amazon, and by contacting the author directly for wholesale or retail orders.  In October of 2013, The Dragon’s Harp will also be available through Ingram Distributors.


If you enter the Writing Dragon’s Door, you will find out more about my writing and about my interests in fantasy, ancient history, goddesses, and writing tips. If you are already a writer or are interested in learning about writing, you might be interested in my new blog and in the links I’m organizing to give you more information on lots of subjects ranging from King Arthur to writing tips to weird historical facts. Not all of this is ready yet, because I’m just starting this website. But it will be soon—and I’d love to hear from you—what subjects would you like to learn more about?

Under the “Events” link you will also find links and posts both to upcoming book-signings, and past events such as my wonderfully successful blog tour for Dragon’s Harp (from March-June 2012).  My blog tour includes lots of interesting posts & interviews about all things Arthurian & the writing life in general.


As you can see from the two doors on either side of me, I wear two hats! When I’m not writing and having adventures in the ancient Celtic worlds of Gwenhywfar, Merlin, and Avalon, I am a professional storyteller and creative writing teacher. I’ve created a personal mythology process called “Myths for Our Time©” that I developed while I was an Artist in Residence in the Pacific Northwest. If you go into the Workshop Dragon’s Door, you will discover more about how to create your own legend, read some examples, and some articles I’ve written, plus lots of testimonials about how much fun it can be. I’m also including information for teachers and administrators regarding the classes I offer.

I’ll be adding a lot more to this “doorway” soon, too. If you have questions, please do contact me. I’d love to hear from you!


The wonderful dragon illustrator is Craig Coss. Visit his website at The wonderful cover artwork on DRAGON’S HARP is “Guinevere–the Queen”(c) 2012 by Jo Jayson at For a spectacular graphic and web designer, please contact Marilyn Hager at Searching for a website programmer? Look no further! His name is Andrew Adleman and he can be reached at



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  1. Carole Lane says:

    I loved this book, it could suit everyone I think. Rachael successfully took us back to a different time period so completely different from our own. I particularly liked Merlin as a character. She depicted the day to day life in the castle very well, and the mind set of the character within it. It was a dangerous time to be abroad, and much fighting in order to conquer and take over. Manipulation and trickery were the order of the day… I am looking forward to her next novel in the series…..

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much, Carole! I’m delighted you enjoyed DRAGON’S HARP. I also recognize your knowledge of Merlin-Arthurian mysticism, so I am especially honored that you feel HARP’S world resonates with the way it truly “might have been”…

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