Dragon’s Harp a Winner for Visionary Fiction 2013 COVR Award!!

Ever since I took my little girl to see the wondrous NEVERENDING STORY & met the lovely LUCK DRAGON pictured above, I’ve wondered what it would be like to fly through space on the back of a dragon, especially a dragon whom you loved :)   I may be older, greyer, somewhat less naïve, but this unfolding year has granted me a surplus of wonders– so many that I do, indeed, feel as if I am riding a very special dragon—and am holding on tight!!

My latest exciting news is  that DRAGON’S HARP has been awarded FINALIST status in the VISIONARY FICTION category of COVR’s annual awards (  COVR stands for the Coalition of Visionary Resources and is a network of New Age retailers & booksellers.   My heartfelt gratitude to the judges and thanks for the encouragement of several COVR members who have become fans and friends of  DRAGON’S HARP!!!  JO JAYSON, “Harp’s” multi-talented cover artist  (, will be in Denver this weekend (June 22) to accept the Award on our behalf.  Thanks, Jo!

HAPPY UPDATE: DRAGON’S HARP has now been declared the WINNER for VISIONARY FICTION 2013 at the COVR Awards banquet June 22!!!! Since Jo Jayson was not able to attend the actual award ceremony, the gracious Mr. Bauman–whose talented wife, Micki Bauman of Deva Designs has been a wonderful inspiration to this grateful author –accepted the award on our behalf. SPECIAL THANKS to Mr. & Mrs. Bauman for everything and to Justin Swanstrom of COVR for offering this “newbie” self-published author much needed encouragement and marketing advice.  Also thanks to Marilyn Hager Adelman & Andrew Adelman of for HARP’s beautiful cover design & this website :)

I also want to thank all of you, readers, fans, & friends for helping me both to balance & to believe in this magic dragon ride I have been gifted with :)   I could not–nor could Gwenhywfar, Merlin, & those wondrous Spirits who watch over us all–have come this far without you…….

Stay tuned for a new post next week…Shall we look at the relevance of dragons in our world today?  Of how Camelot can be found in the mist of your neighborhood park? Of how Merlin can be discovered walking in the aisles of a mall?   Magic is all around us, dear friends…Let’s drink it up & pause to appreciate the grace of a hummingbird at dusk, of a dragonfly at sunrise.  Of how it feels to ride our own dragons past the very stars…

I wish you joy, I wish you love, I wish you lives filled with creativity, passion, & contentment (and, yes, they can all happen at once!).  When I return next week it will be with the update I have promised so many of you–where I am in my second novel (which continues Gwenhwyfar and Merlin’s story in THE DRAGON’S BREATH) & when you may anticipate seeing it appear.)

Until then, enjoy your summer (or winter for my friends in the Southern hemisphere)…May the wind ever and always be at your back–and may your personal dragons help you fly with the essence of magic and dreams…





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6 Responses to “Dragon’s Harp a Winner for Visionary Fiction 2013 COVR Award!!”

  1. A big congrats to you, Rachael! You deserve it. You must be thrilled!

    • admin says:

      Thanks a million, Ceres! You betcha, I’m thrilled!! Receiving this award from COVR is such an honor, I’m still floating a few feet off the ground :) …By the way, I can’t wait to buy your own new novel COG–coming out next month, right?! All the best, dear friend & fellow author. Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

  2. Rachael!

    I loved The Neverending Story! And, of course, The Dragon’s Harp! So pleased at your award, Rachael, I hope this validation nudges you along to wrapping up novel #2 of the series. You are a rock star full of magical ideas and stories. Let it spill out, lay it on us. And again, congrats!

    Looking forward to your next post!

  3. Ron Shannon says:

    This is wonderful news. Congratulations. You and Dragon’s Harp deserve it, a great book and a talented author.

    • admin says:

      Thanks a million, Ron–I couldn’t do it without fantastic readers like you :) Good luck on your own writing–you’ve got a lot of talent–keep it up!

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