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                            Welcome to My Website and Writing Blog: Blog 2 

My name is Rachael Pruitt and in this second blog I will be looking at the story of how DRAGON’S HARP was born–trust me there’s more than a little bit of magic involved!


BEFORE YOU READ FURTHER, I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE THE MOST RECENT LINKS ON MY WONDERFUL BLOG TOUR, DO MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THEM OUT ON THE EVENTS PAGE….I am thrilled to say that DRAGON’S HARP is receiving wonderful reviews from bloggers & our amazing, awesome, & funfilled giveaway tour continues until April 30…..COME ALONG & PLEASE DO SHARE YOUR FEEDBACK & COMMENTS AS YOU VISIT…

I’m also proud of my “GUEST POSTS, the most recent being for Marcie’s fantastic blog at “2Read or Not 2Read”. I address where I get my inspiration–and where you can find yours as well!


I also will be offering you 2 new blog posts this upcoming weekend (April 14th)–one here & one about teaching workshops (“next door”). HAVE AN ENCHANTED DAY!!!


In my upcoming website blog (right here in mid April), I will be sharing writing tips & resources & a closer look at the reality of ancient Celtic Goddesses & women–this last is a subject I’ve been blogging about a great deal as I travel on DRAGON’S HARP  blog tour (Please see my Event page here & on FB for links).

For those of you who do not know me yet: I am a writer, teacher, and storyteller passionate about many things which I will share here with you.  I also believe that–as with any good story or novel—it is readers and listeners who make the story “come alive”.  So I would love to hear from you, either via the comment section on my website, my Facebook page, or Twitter.  I will look forward to including many of your suggestions for topics of interest on this blog.

As many of you already know, I am delighted to announce the publication of my first novel.  It is a work of Arthurian historical fantasy, first in a 5 book series: Era of Dragons: The Lost Tales of Gwenhwyfar. This first book, The Dragon’s Harp, is set in northern Wales during the 5th century CE and follows the coming of age of the young Gwenhwyfar.  Merlin appears in the third chapter and will remain through the series. He is, after all, Gwenhwyfar’s Uncle!  

Dragon’s Harp is rooted deep into the soil of my research of Welsh mythology and what little is known about Welsh history of the time. Druids, priestesses, dark forces (both human and unseen) abound.  There is also a very special dragon, Cymry, whom I suspect many of you will come to love as much as I have.  I also assure those of you who care about history that, much as I love mythology and fantasy, the world I have created for Gwen also reflects the historical reality of a very dangerous and bloody time period.  My book is written with adult and mature teen readers in mind, it is not a book for children.  Please feel free to enjoy the sample chapters, testimonials, & reader reviews I have included here for you.

Event Update: Telesummit for Dragon’s Harp Thursday March 22 at 8 pm Eastern

This will be posted on my events page as well, but if you’d like to listen in to Dragon’s Harp cover artist, Jo Jayson & me on our very first telesummit   8 pm (Eastern) March 22.  I will also be announcing my new writing coach-consults offer: Here’s the FaceBook link:

Cecily MacArthur

Join us on on Thursday, March 22nd, at 5:00pm PST/8:00pm EST to meet the author Rachael Pruitt and her cover artist Joy Jayson as we talk about the book, Celtic legends, and Goddess Power

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THANKS TO Lisa (3-26)”Casual Readers Blog” and Andrea (3-19) “A Chick Who Reads” for 2 more excellent reviews 🙂

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Thanks to Jenn , Allison & Siobian for their wonderful reviews!


Goddesses, Queens, & The Writing Process:

How DRAGON’S HARP Came to be Written: part 1 


Given the number of times I’ve been asked about writing & how DRAGON’S HARP came to be, I thought it would probably be fun to devote this second blog to the story of how I was inspired to write HARP (later blogs will describe the actual route I took to publication).  As I told readers in my initial blog, I’m happy to share my story & lots of tips about writing and self-publishing here on my website.  But I’ll be doing this to inspire you–not just to “brag on” about myself. There’s enough of that elsewhere!  Here it’s just you & me–and if you’re like me, you’ve got plenty of dreams & might like some help bringing them to life.  I certainly did–and still do!

The idea for DRAGON’S HARP actually came to me several decades ago when my daughter was still a toddler and I, a young mother sitting on rocks overlooking the Pacific, watching as my little girl toddled over driftwood into an early morning mist. We were encased in fog, the waves sounding soft & muffled, & suddenly, the first paragraphs of HARP came to me, literally as if they, too, were  a part of the mysterious yet beautiful dawn fog that surrounded us:

Men  have called me beautiful.  But the gods men worship now have cursed beauty.

My name is Gwenhwyfar, born daughter to Cadwallon, Ordovician King of Dinas Emrys in the North.  As a young woman, I married Arthur, High King of all the tribes of Albion. I am no stranger to the ways of sovereignty.  I know much of pride and stature. Yet I am old now, I see my past and shudder.

I stand, barefoot, on my favorite beach at dawn, a bit dizzy  with the joy of escaping my small cottage before Mica can rise, dress my hair properly, and insist I behave like the queen I once was.

Strange how this small forgotten island feels like the grit of home beneath these old toes. For it was in the hills and not beside the sea that I first tumbled out of bed and saw the stars….       (Dragon’s Harp, Pruitt (c) 2012)

The prologue of my novel came that dramatically. I do not exaggerate!  Yet it took me close to 25 years to “get serious” about giving this haunting voice that had found me a true home–a book all her own.

Perhaps you are like me–for procrastination is my middle name!  Yet it was more than procrastination that kept me from trying to finish HARP sooner.  I believe, I truly had to “grow into” this amazing character called Gwenhwyfar (Welsh spelling of Guinevere) and I also had to develop the skills to take her story further–to turn it into a book worth reading.        

During my next blog post (two weeks from now), I will address the actual writing journey that unfolded as I grew and developed as an aspiring author and the research that went into the writing of DRAGON’S HARP. I will also be providing you with writing resources, strategies, and reference books that I have personally found very useful. Tonight though, if you will allow me, I wish to comment further on the actual mystique of writing–and share a truly magical story about how my cover artist Jo Jayson & I met.

We will fast-forward to a time, towards the end of last summer (2011), when I was struggling with just how to create–or find–an artist who would develop a cover for DRAGON’S HARP. For you see, I had finally made the decision–after years of hearing “we really like this, but…” from agents—to go the more risky route of doing it myself.

But a book cover? I was exploring a few alternatives when I happened to pick up a magazine at a friend’s office.  Ordinarily, it was the kind of local publication that I breeze through quickly &/or file away and forget about (My closet, I fear will bear witness to this “filing” tendancy of mine.  It’s filled to overflowing with stuff that should have been recycled first time around! Can anyone else out there appreciate this? )    

For once, however, my packrat tendencies proved to be a goldmine.  While absent-mindedly glancing through the magazine, an image caught my eye. It was a stunning painting and there was something unique about it. Beyond the image of the woman herself, there was a power that seemed to radiate off the paper. I was intrigued enough to go to the artist’s website.  There, as I explored, I saw glorious scarves as well as paintings and oracle cards. Jo Jayson, the artist, ( was clearly a very talented lady–yet it wasn’t until I explored further that I saw it–the wondrous image you see on the cover of DRAGON’S HARP. Here was the image I had dreamed of–a strong powerful, sexy, mysterious young woman–clearly coming into her power, self-confident and assured.  Here was “my” Gwenhwyfar.  She even had the red-gold hair that my character had insisted on!

Can you imagine my shock when I looked closer at the painting & saw that it was actually named “Guinevere–The Queen” by Jo Jayson. That did it, I called Jo–and the rest is “herstory”!

It gets even better, for Jo tells me that the day before I called she had gone to a healer who informed her that she needed to “pay more attention to Guinevere”. I, for my part, had also heard from a friend two days befiore that she sensed some beautiful Goddess energy around my novel & its cover!

Whether you believe in such things or not–I certainly do–and Jo & I are firmly convinced that Gwenhwyfar, the glorious, mysterious, much-maligned, archetypial lady that I love to call “The Once & Future Queen” had a hand in it all!

We are both honored and blessed to have found each other as artists & creative collaborators. More importantly, as Jo and I look at the mystical world & Queen we have both been called to interpret in our different art forms, we cannot help but shiver at the ever-present magic of Camelot.  From the ancient British Isles to the beaches of Oregon to the streets of New York, there still lives an extraordinary Queen–a strong, fascinating, profoundly-romantic woman who dwells not far beneath the regal surface of her legend. Priestess, lover, queen: it’s time to hear her story at last!

  • Sister Fionntulach on Writing Blog Post 2Blessings upon your book, Rachel..! I began my spiritual journey forty years ago because of my deep appreciation of the Arthurian tales; they affected me greatly - and always will - on an archetypal level... Because of this there is a sweet poetry to your inclusion of one of my early verses at the opening of your story.. I am grateful for that, my way of giving thanks to Merlin et al! Thank you Rachael, for nourishing the Celtic group soul. Le beannachdan ....
  • admin on Writing Blog Post 2Thank you so much, Sister Fionntulach! I am delighted to “meet” you, in cyberspace at least! I thank you for allowing me to use your beautiful poem at the beginning of HARP & for sharing your own passion for the magic of these beloved tales. I am so glad that this presents a completing cycle for you–I suspect Merlin holds you in his heart as well! It is a true delight to meet you…bless you for stopping by 🙂 (And if ever you feel like sharing a bit of your wise poetic magic on my FB page–I would be deeply honored indeed..)



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