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Welcome to My Website and Writing Blog 

My name is Rachael Pruitt and in this first blog I will explain what you can expect to see here in the future.  I am a writer, teacher, and storyteller passionate about many things which I will share here with you.  I also believe that–as with any good story or novel—it is readers and listeners who make the story “come alive”.  So I would love to hear from you, either via the comment section on my website, my Facebook page, or Twitter.  I will look forward to including many of your suggestions for topics of interest on this blog.

As many of you already know, I am delighted to announce the publication of my first novel.  It is a work of Arthurian historical fantasy, first in a 5 book series: Era of Dragons: The Lost Tales of Gwenhwyfar. This first book, The Dragon’s Harp, is set in northern Wales during the 5th century CE and follows the coming of age of the young Gwenhwyfar.  Merlin appears in the third chapter and will remain through the series. He is, after all, Gwenhwyfar’s Uncle!  

Dragon’s Harp is rooted deep into the soil of my research of Welsh mythology and what little is known about Welsh history of the time. Druids, priestesses, dark forces (both human and unseen) abound.  There is also a very special dragon, Cymry, whom I suspect many of you will come to love as much as I have.  I also assure those of you who care about history that, much as I love mythology and fantasy, the world I have created for Gwen also reflects the historical reality of a very dangerous and bloody time period.  My book is written with adult and mature teen readers in mind, it is not a book for children.  Please feel free to enjoy the sample chapters, testimonials, & reader reviews I have included here for you.

Amy Bruno of Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours (Passages to the Past) will be organizing my blog tour beginning March 7, 2012.  We have 19 bloggers onboard and I’m very excited! Interested readers:  I’ll be sharing the tour with you as it unfolds. Please stay tuned for details!

Dragon’s Harp is currently available as a Kindle and KOBO eBook.  By the first of March (2012), it will be available in print to UK readers as well as US readers.  Check here, my FB, and Twitter for updates. 


                                                                FUTURE BLOG TOPICS

For any of you who are teachers or parents most interested in my storytelling and personal mythology workshops & classes, please zip over to the dragon welcoming you to the “Workshop” door. There is definitely some overlap with everything I do, and writers and teachers may certainly be interested in both, but here we will be concentrating on the following topics (at least for our starting place! )

We will be looking at:

1)      Creative Writing in general, including tips, resources, and recommended websites for aspiring writers & authors. This will include info for young adult writers as well as those of us who somehow feel we’ve passed the threshold into adulthood (Sometimes I wonder! Do you?!).

2)      My Personal Writer’s Journey.  This will be offered not because of my ego, but as inspiration for those of you who really dream of writing a book—or a poem or a memoir– and would like some advice and resources on just how to go about doing it.  Big and most important tip of all: Ignore the naysayers.  They will only depress and confuse you.  If you are really determined, you’ll manage!

3)      Arthurian Legends: ‘Nuff said

4)      Ancient Celtic Cultures of Wales, Ireland, and Europe

5)      Dragons in Celtic and World Mythology: Have fun exploring this fascinating topic with me!

6)      Celtic Romance

7)      Gwenhwyfar, Ceridwen, The Lady of the Lake, Brighid, Boudicca and other Celtic Goddesses and Queens

8)      Merlin

9)      Arthur in History and Mythology

10)   Lancelot’s Mythology

11)   Medraut (Mordred): When is a Villain really a Villain?

12)   Druids: In History, Myth, and Modern Life

13)   Women and Goddesses in Celtic Culture

14)   The Power of Fantasy

15)   Readers’ Choice: Here’s where you get to contribute your suggestions and ideas.  I’ll be happy to follow up on any suggestion that I feel will be of interest to readers.

For a sample of my blogging, please join me at the guest blog I authored this past May 2011 on my friend “Alexa Grave’s” blog site.  It addresses the importance of fantasy, including some of my all-time favorite fantasy authors.  It also includes the opening paragraphs of Dragon’s Harp. Enjoy!

This guest blog was initially written as a launch for Seton Hill’s wonderful writing anthology, Many Genres, One Craft, which has gone on to be named as one of the Top Ten Terrific Writing Books of 2011 by none other than Writer Magazine.  I was honored to have contributed an article, To Dream a Dragon, about fantasy writing to this fantastic collection of down-to-earth how-to articles.

Please enjoy my guest blog at:

I have also included on this site (or will include shortly!)  my two Arthurian poems.  Both were published by that wonderful magazine of historical fantasy, Paradox, edited by Chris Cevasco (The magazine is now retired, sadly, for it had many fans!).

My poems first saw print in 2008 and 2009 respectively, and were written from Merlin and Arthur’s perspective.  As you can tell by now, the Arthurian legend has been a passion of mine for a very, very long time—ever since I was a little girl discovering Glastonbury Tor and the so-called tombs of Gwenhwyfar and Arthur for the first time!!

Please enjoy yourselves on these pages!  I look forward to hearing from you and will be back in touch with my first blog the first week of March 2012!  In the meantime, readers, wherever you are, may your lives be filled with magic, sweetness, creativity, and grace… .with just a touch of mystery…..whispering of other world realms…


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  • Andrew on WelcomeTerrific book!
  • admin on WelcomeThanks a million, Andrew! So glad you enjoyed "Harp". I'm working on the sequel and hope to have it completed winter--spring 2012-13 :)Have a magical day 🙂 Rachael
  • Michelle on WelcomeRachael, so happy to get on here and see what is in store for us! I will have to read your poetry. It is always sad when traditional magazines retire, perhaps they are moving online? I want to congratulate you on the beautiful website and your new book! Best wishes for success!
  • admin on WelcomeYou are so welcome, Michelle!! Thank you so much for your best wishes. Can't wait to hear what you think of DRAGON'S HARP! I'm looking forward to future conversations about Gwenhwyfar, Merlin, & Avalon 🙂 I'm also gearing up for my blog tour next month--it's all very exciting. I'll be posting details next week. Would be great to have you come along! Thank you again--and have a magical day! Rachael
  • Persia Woolley on WelcomeWhat a wonderful site, dear lady--gentle, mysterious, enticing, curious-making. Can't think of a more appropriate way to present your subject and "Dragon's Harp."
  • admin on WelcomeDear Persia, This is high praise indeed from one of my most beloved mentors! For those who do not yet know, Persia Woolley is the esteemed author of the "Guinevere Triology" beginning with CHILD OFTHE NORTHERN SPRING. Her triology has recently been re-released & is now available on Amazon--her many fans are delighted!! Visit Persia's website at "" And, in the meantime, dear lady, welcome to my blog--I look forward to sharing all things Arthurian & "Gwenhwyfar--Guinevereian" with you!! Thank you so much for your visit & kind words 🙂
  • Merlin on WelcomeMerrie Meet, and thank you for this information, I will take a look around and come back to you soon. Blessed Be Merlin
  • admin on WelcomeThanks for stopping in, Big Guy! Feel free to read the sample chapters 🙂 May your day be filled with magic....
  • Kia on WelcomeCongratulations, Rachael, Your website is great. I loved reading parts of your chapters. As I read them I hear the wonderful voice of yours. I feel like you are reading to me. Many blessings on your journey as the world experiences You. aloha kia
  • admin on WelcomeBless you, Kia, for your warm wishes and precious feedback! Your opinion means a great deal to me. So glad you are enjoying Gwenhwyfar & Merlin's story. If you are not an eBook reader, I'm thrilled to announce that the printed version of "Dragon's Harp" will be available later this week (by March 7) on Amazon & book stores should be able to order it by mid-March! Thank you again, Kia, for your gracious comments--all bright blessings to you! Anyone interested, Kia is an amazing healer, do please check out her website at Aloha, sweet lady!
  • Ms Max on WelcomeRachael, who did the artwork for your cover? And, have you read Evangeline Walton's Mabinogion Tetralogy? You're book was recommended by Sharon Penman, btw. It looks wonderful.
  • admin on WelcomeGreetings Ms. Max, So glad to hear from you! Dragon's Harp's wonderful cover artwork is a combination of Jo Jayson's fantastic painting of Gwenhyfar (Guinevere--The Queen) & Marilyn Hager Adelman's cover design. Jo's website is "" & Marilyn's is "'. Marliyn's husband, Andrew Adelman also designed my website. Yes, I have read Walton's Tetralogy. I personally love it--it's a bit "old-fashioned" in terms of writing style, yet very poetic & evocative of ancient Wales. If you are a fan of the Mabinogion, you will probably really enjoy it. It's just been re-released, I believe, on Amazon. So glad you are interested in "Dragon's Harp"--please feel free to enjoy the sample chapters on my website and if it proves to be your "cup of tea"--it's available as either an eBook and as a printed novel on Amazon. We hope to have it available in bookstores in the UK & Australia, as well as the US in a matter of a few weeks. Also, I am currently on a blog tour beginning March 7-April 30. I'll be posting links to my blogs & reviews on my event page & it would be wonderful if you would like to "follow along"--I hope to be posting about many aspects of the Arthurian tradition. Sharon's recommendation means the world to me. Yes, I am her friend, yet, if you know Sharon, integrity & high writing standards are very important to her. It is a true honor that she recommends my novel--she would not do so if she did not believe it was worthy of reading!! Thank you very much for your comments and questions, Ms Max. Please do stay in touch--it would be great to have your imput on my upcoming blogs.
  • Monica Elaine Spence on WelcomeHi Rachel, You have a beautiful website. Congratulations on the publication of your new book! I can't wait to read it!
  • admin on WelcomeThank you, Monica! As a historical novelist yourself, I am especially interested in your feedback! So glad you like our website. I'm working on a new blog about writing to be posted this weekend--hope you enjoy! Have a fantastic day!
  • Theresa on WelcomeRachel, I love your website and am looking forward to reading your book!!
  • admin on WelcomeThank you very much, Theresa! Great to have connected with you 🙂 All best!
  • Patti on WelcomeRachel, I love your book. I find myself lost in the passages. I have always enjoyed your storytelling. I miss seeing and hearing your stories in person. I wish you the greatest success. You have inspired me to follow my dreams.
  • admin on WelcomePatti--I am so happy that I have inspired you to fulfill your own writing dreams! That makes my day--and, as far as I'm concerned--that's what writing & reading are all about, to inspire ourselves & each other and to help make sense & add dignity & understanding to our often mysterious, sometimes challenging, always wondrous world 🙂 Please do join me on FB as well. A new post is coming on my website & FB pages today--in honor of St. Patrick's Day! And, Patti, so many people have been requesting this, that I have added a writing consulting tab on my website. If you would ever like me to consult with you about your writing projects either in person or over the phone or internet, please don't hesitate to contact me 🙂 In the meantime--thank you so much for your gracious feedback on DRAGON'S HARP & for allowing me to know that I've inspired you too! Have a magical day! Happy St. Pat's!
  • Cecily MacArthur on WelcomeCongratulations, Rachael! Just loved your book! Couldn't put it down, and have recommended it to everyone I know...
  • admin on WelcomeThank you so much, Cecily! I am deeply honored & moved that you enjoyed HARP & are recommending it! I cannot thank you enough & do tell any new fans you connect with to visit us here at the website & on FB or Twitter 🙂 All bright blessings & thanks again 🙂



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