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Rachael Pruitt

Rachael Pruitt is a gifted storyteller, able to create vivid, three-dimensional characters in prose that is, by turns, lyrical and powerful.  Readers who enjoyed the novels of Parke Godwin, Persia Woolley, Rosemary Sutcliff, and Marion Zimmer Bradley will love The Dragon’s Harp, in which Gwenhwyfar comes of age; best of all there are four more books to come…

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I WILL BE BLOGGING ABOUT MY LIFE AND WRITING IN UPCOMING POSTS.  FOR NOW HERE’S THE “SKINNY”: I am a writer, storyteller, and teacher with a lifelong fascination for Celtic mythology and the Arthurian legend.  My Arthurian poetry has been published in Paradox magazine (2008 and 2009) and my article “To Dream a Dragon” appeared in the award-winning 2011 writing anthology, Many Genres, One Craft.  I have also published nonfiction articles detailing, “Myths for Our Time”©, a personal mythology process I developed while an Artist in Residence in the Pacific Northwest.  The Dragon’s Harp is my first novel, and the first in a projected series of five books following the life of Gwenhwyfar, King Arthur’s famous Queen. 

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