Dragon’s Harp a Winner for Visionary Fiction 2013 COVR Award!!




Our latest exciting news is  that DRAGON’S HARP has been awarded FINALIST status in the VISIONARY FICTION category of COVR’s annual awards (  COVR stands for the Coalition of Visionary Resources and is a network of New Age retailers & booksellers.   My heartfelt gratitude to the judges and thanks for the encouragement of several COVR members who have become fans and friends of  DRAGON’S HARP!!!  JO JAYSON, “Harp’s” multi-talented cover artist  (, will be in Denver this weekend (June 22) to accept the Award on our behalf.  Thanks, Jo!

HAPPY UPDATE: DRAGON’S HARP has now been declared the WINNER for VISIONARY FICTION 2013 at the COVR Awards banquet June 22!!!! Since Jo Jayson was not able to attend the actual award ceremony, the gracious Mr. Bauman–whose talented wife, Micki Bauman of Deva Designs has been a wonderful inspiration to this grateful author –accepted the award on our behalf. SPECIAL THANKS to Mr. & Mrs. Bauman for everything and to Justin Swanstrom of COVR for offering this “newbie” self-published author much needed encouragement and marketing advice.  Also thanks to Marilyn Hager Adelman & Andrew Adelman of for HARP’s beautiful cover design & this website 🙂

I also want to thank all of you, readers, fans, & friends for helping me both to balance & to believe in this magic dragon ride I have been gifted with 🙂  I could not–nor could Gwenhywfar, Merlin, & those wondrous Spirits who watch over us all–have come this far without you…….

Stay tuned for a new post next week…Shall we look at the relevance of dragons in our world today?  Of how Camelot can be found in the mist of your neighborhood park? Of how Merlin can be discovered walking in the aisles of a mall?   Magic is all around us, dear friends…Let’s drink it up & pause to appreciate the grace of a hummingbird at dusk, of a dragonfly at sunrise.  Of how it feels to ride our own dragons past the very stars…

I wish you joy, I wish you love, I wish you lives filled with creativity, passion, & contentment (and, yes, they can all happen at once!).  When I return next week it will be with the update I have promised so many of you–where I am in my second novel (which continues Gwenhwyfar and Merlin’s story in THE DRAGON’S BREATH) & when you may anticipate seeing it appear.)

Until then, enjoy your summer (or winter for my friends in the Southern hemisphere)…May the wind ever and always be at your back–and may your personal dragons help you fly with the essence of magic and dreams…                                                                                                                                         





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Indian Flutes and Owls

This world is filled with miracles.  No doubt about it.  My favorites are often the tiny, unexpected ones:  the moment when a beloved child takes her first bite of strawberry ice cream and you watch her face light up the world…an elderly couple holding hands, looking at each other with the same alert passion they must have shared 50 years before…an unexpected check that comes in the mail just when you need it most…Tonight my first miracle was turning on my car & watching its headlights illuminate the new apple blossoms of a nearby tree, then looking above this beautiful “fae” tree at a deep country-sky filled with stars.  The delicacy of white apple blossoms, the mysterious immensity of the night sky and its stars–a miraculous contrast of absolute beauty, connected in spring grandeur. It was–perhaps–a simple linking of two everyday sights.  Yet, tonight, their beauty took my breath away.  It was a moment–and a gift– I will always treasure.

Later, came a second.  Driving tonight, I was fighting sorrow.  One of my favorite clients–a young man of great ability & promise–had allowed his hair-trigger temper to get the better of him & had left for points unknown.  No matter how used one gets to this type of loss, it does not get easier.  Nor is my own life free of challenges right now.  So, I found myself driving on familiar night roads, lost in thought, trying not to sink into despair.  My car rounded a corner & a magnificent spotted owl flew right up in front of me, almost colliding with my windshield.  I have never seen an owl’s face so close–nor seen the power of its wings, arching, pure white against a late night sky.  To be gifted with this sight, to experience the beauty and mystery of this myth-drenched creature, so close to my wounded spirit on this lonely dark moon night…well, it is yet another miracle…another treasure to remind me that the Divine is always with us…that the Universe is ever magnificent and kind…

So, tonight, I sit, writing of Merlin & Gwenhwyfar & Arthur. ..Sipping hot black tea, I am grateful for its sweetness..its comfort in the middle of a somewhat creative night…and I find myself not merely grateful for apple trees…for owls…for the ancientness of stars…I am also recognizing, yearning–and finally knowing that each moment we live we bring new miracles into being…..How glorious, if we were always able to treasure these small & precious moments.  How wondrous life truly is.

A friend has brought some Native American flute music to share—this too, weaves a gentle spell, the flute’s notes reminding me of a time without sidewalks, when forests grew wild, and the wind captured dreams…

May your own dreams be sweet…and may the world gift you well…Enjoy the sweetness of the everyday…


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The Lure of the Bear Cave in Winter

This winter, dear friends, I have been hibernating as deeply as any bear.  Like Arthur himself who was born, tradition tells us, beneath the sign of the bear, I have found myself drawn to the warmth of the primal cave that contains my soul and my deepest, most precious dreams.

Have you also found time to hibernate this season?

I don’t know about you, but taking time to reflect does not come naturally to me.  I resist it like crazy! To me it has always been difficult to balance “being” & “doing”.  But this season, I’ve found myself literally forced to, largely because this year has been such a whirlwind: I have succeeded as a new author, moved back to the “home of my heart”, and taken risks that test everything I am and ever dream of being.

My whole body & spirit has needed to rest.  But, just like the Jersey Girl I am (in, at least, part of my heart !), I have denied this soul-deep need of mine to go within, to allow myself to be nurtured, to take as well as give, to find within the silence of a beautiful natural hermitage the replenishment I have needed in order to grow and to create.  This winter, I finally came to realize, I needed to dream as well as to write–for, as writers should remember, dreaming always does come first….

No, no, a part of me snarls–and has fought me all the way. Every time I attempted to relax, this rough-and-tumble “achiever chick” voice inside me has been urging me to get off my butt and produce, more & more & more….AAARGH!  Jersey Girls are supposed to be tough, right?!  We chew nails for breakfast, thrive on adversity, dare the world to “bring it on”!  We’ll take whatever we get slammed with and toss it back with gum-cracking attitude–a single finger salute on steroids to anyone and anything that threatens us or those we love.

So, for this Jersey Girl to finally admit she needs to rest, to drop her defenses long enough to explore the vulnerable inner terrain  of what happens when you succeed in birthing at least part of your creative dream–and to undertake the responsibilty of follow-up that this entails–well, folks, it’s a big step. Especially when I realized the cost of my creative success turned out to be  higher than I expected in ways I could not have anticipated.  Was it worth it? Absolutely–but I have had to first allow myself to rest, to “take it all in” before I could fully process what has happened, where I am, & where I plan to go.  And honoring the silence & calm of  reflective time has been one of the most important and most healing lessons of this truly tumultous year.

So, my friends, I reach out to you again, as winter ice melts, as birds return, as kittens roll in the dirt of a Northwestern forest–clearly as overjoyed as I am that spring has again decided to grace us with its return.  As I curl up now, with a gentle cup of tea, I treasure this new growth in my own heart, and recognize how humbly grateful I am to have learned this elusive “winter bear” lesson.  No longer will I allow myself to feel guilty for taking time to hibernate, to reflect, to explore the sweet waters of that very ancient well that lives within us all.   For I have learned, it is only within these soft & quiet hours, when I allow nature and my own soul to heal me, that I am, at last, able to recognize the poignant jewels of the many journeys I have taken this year.  Thanks to the slumbering power of my private bear cave, I am now able to fully claim my new and evolving life–as an artist, a woman, a mother, an author, a teacher, a dreamer–and, yes, how could I forget?–as a gum-cracking Jersey Girl!

Namaste, my friends…. May your own springtimes be every bit as wondrous as mine is shaping up to be!  I will see you soon–now that the sweet, slumbering bear within me is stretching her paws, yawning, and crawling out of her cave to greet the magic & inspiration of the rising sun….

And, yes, for those of you who have been asking, DRAGON’S HARP’S sequel. DRAGON’S BREATH, is rising also–on schedule– within the mist. 🙂

Special thanks to Terah Van Dusen for her help & inspiration with this post.


See you soon…

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Cross-Country Odessey: Writing, Decluttering, Driving, & Cats

Greetings Everyone–What a summer it’s been!  

The excitement of:   1) Winning my first book award (Yes, DRAGON’S HARP is now the WINNER of the 2012 GLOBAL EBOOK AWARD in the Ancient Historical Literature Catagory!!! Heartfelt Thanks to Don Poynter & his wonderful staff, the gracious judges, and my fellow authors for creating such a wonderful event!)

 2) The ongoing success of DRAGON’S HARP–and the kind, insistent wishes I am receiving from fans to hurry up with it’s sequel and–

3) Last, certainly not least—my decision to pack up my earthly belongings and move back out West made for quite an eventful August 🙂

So here’s the big cross-country moving question: Is it truly possible to organize one’s life so that what matters most to you can actually fit into the back seats of a PT Cruiser–underneath 2 cats and their resulting paraphenalia?  For a book-clutter hound like myself, the task seemed simply impossible.  But, I had determined to save the expense of a cross-country moving van–so my remaining option was to simply “redistribute” almost everything I owned–That & hope my two cats could manage to put aside their differences long enough to share the back seats of a PT Cruiser for slightly over a week?!!! Aaargh!!!

Now I admit to enjoying a certain level of book-art-memorabilia clutter.  Friends call it “colorful”–less sympathetic visitors have been heard to mutter about chaos.  So, for me, this experience was similiar to a pressurized boot camp.  Days and nights swam by in an ever-increasing haze of “Why did I ever buy a waffle iron? For frig’s sake, I can barely manage a pancake mix?” to  “Do I really, really need a third copy of Pablo Neruda’s collected poetry?” to the 3 am primal howl: “Ye gods, that’s  where  Great-Aunt Maude’s recipe for friggin cheese blintz’s went–why didn’t I think to look in the sock drawer before?”  

It was, looking back, an experience balanced somewhere on the spectrum between a midlife cleansing rite-of-passage and the fourth chapter of an early Stephen King novel, right after you figure out just how bad the monsters are–that they are multiplying, and there is no “out”.

But, it was all completed in under a week–with the kind assistance of my local UPS guy–who saw me coming with yet another box & who managed to heroically resist the natural tendency to roll his eyes and mutter “Jeez, Lady…”

Yes, readers, somehow, I managed to order all my worldly belongings into 6 boxes, & the bottom of a PT Cruiser..even if my packing job originally looked like the “I Love Lucy” episode when Lucy & Ethel & Fred pack the car to California, (complete with guitars dangling from the back door, etc.), Ricky takes one look at it and explodes in one of his memorable Spanish tirades.  (Trust me, my long-suffering neighbors were treated to several of those too–even if they were in boring old English!)  

The next stop: Driving cross-country with 2 cats who don’t like each other…Now, I should preface this by adding that I have actually driven cross-country several times before, beginning with a Ken Kesey-like experience in the early 70s with several long-haired friends & lovers & assorted hitch-hikers riding in a VW van so ancient that the bottom was half-rusted out. Indeed, “Ol’ Green” was dependable, but slow, so slow, it was easily outrun by a Midwestern friend’s car-chasing dog.  The snarky collie then had the nerve to look back at our chugging chariot with a mixture of canine distain and confusion–clearly wondering if he needed to rescue us.

But my life path has evolved since those early “Electric Kool-Aid” days and I have traversed this great nation several ways at several times in vehicles with a little more pick-up to them–though, arguably, not as much personal class as Ol’ Green.  Nor am I a total stranger re “traveling with cats”.  Most recently, my initial journey to move East in 2001 involved transporting my beloved feline, Sebastian–whose charisma extended to making friends with everyone who interacted with him–from weary waitresses to chuckling truck-drivers to  bleary-eyed Jersey toll-collectors.  However, the two cats that I aimed to travel with this time around simply 1) did not care for each other 2) did not particularly like cars. 

Did I–and they– make it safely back to the Pacific Northwest in one piece?  Indeed we did–with the help of duck-tape, Motel 6s, the kindness of many friends, & strangers, & the more then occasional appeal to Divine Providence (including, but not limited to large statues of Ganesha, Kali, & my good luck Snoopy who accompanied me in the front seat.) However, the thought of telling that tale as well as the above tonight is enough to have me reaching for the big bottle of aspirin I bought somewhere near Hannibal, Missouri..Please stay tuned for the continuation of Rachael’s big move next week–Plus, I really need to get back to writing Gwenhwyfar & Merlin’s new book–they & all of you are waiting patiently…Love to you all…  


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Receiving Your First Book Award: Gratitude for Every Author’s Dream

Hi everyone!  First, my profound apologies for taking so long to share a new blog with you.  I have had to face a few facts recently–including this: however much I love communicating with you all, I’m just not an instinctive blogger!!  To make up for this lack, I will be including links to 5 guest blogs I have written before I sign off tonight.  That way, you can binge on “Rachael Pruitt blogs”  while waiting for me to come up with a new one 🙂 And, yes, I will try to get back here in early August with an update! (If it’s any consolation, I have been at work, writing Dragon Harp’s sequel, Dragon’s Breath. 🙂

GOOD NEWS: I received some spectacular news this Friday, that lead me to tonight’s blog topic: DRAGON’S HARP has just become a FINALIST in the 2012 GLOBAL EBOOK AWARDS.  My catagory is “Ancient Historical Fiction”!!!!  Before I move on, I would like to offer my deepest thanks to Global Ebook Awards and the hard-working expert judges in each catagory.  I would also like to extend my congratulations to my fellow Finalists and also to all of my fellow authors who entered not just this competition, but any other.  I know exactly what it takes to put your novel “out there” and hope for the best!  Kudos to everybody involved. 

I encourage everybody to visit the GLOBAL EBOOK website and explore Dan Poynter’s vision.  Even better, after reading the comments after the Finalist announcements, do please feel free to add your own–either tagging mine or independently.  In the process of advancing in this contest, I am discovering yet another writing community & I invite you to connect with them as well.

As a new author, I sometimes find myself literally reeling when I recognize that, yes, I REALLY AM A WRITER–I am being recognized as such, and doing all the things published successful authors do–I am teaching workshops, giving speeches, teaching classes to encourage other aspiring writers, meeting with critique partners, etc.  Honestly, folks, it’s heady stuff.  Thank you for being a part of it! 

With the joy of my new role, comes 2 other components–responsibility and a deep sense of gratitude.  As a teacher, I feel a responsibility to encourage and inspire others to the best of my ability. As a creative artist, a lover, a friend, and a  mother, my gratitude is to the Universal Source (whatever we may individually name the Divine) for granting me this precious opportunity. 

Yes, it has taken a great deal of hard work and patience to get my book in front of readers–and the price tag has often been costly: both emotionally & financially.  Yet, I have truly been granted the opportunity to see & to live my dream come true.  Even better, as I watch it unfold now, I know this is just the beginning..that I am being granted the life that I have always wanted–a creative life in which I can write award-winning novels that reach others & a life in which I can continue to teach children & teens how to develop their own creative magic. HOW CAN IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS? I can’t wait to find out!

I am describing this to you not simply because I’m bubbling over with happiness tonight–although that is certainly a part of it 🙂 — I am also sharing these feelings in the hopes that you, too, are either living the life of your dreams–or taking steps to begin to! Readers, what I have been blessed to accomplish in the 4 short months since Dragon’s Harp  first appeared in print is nothing short of miraculous.  To hear from fans how much Harp has meant to them, to read glowing reviews from strangers who have been moved by the struggles of Gwenhwyfar, Merlin, Ceridwen, Cadwallon, Rhiannon, Lleu, Tali and the rest of Dinas Emrys, and now to be receiving a Finalist Award for Ancient Historical Fiction, judged by experts in the genrewell, folks, it truly is like entering an enchanted and wonderful world.

I thank each & everyone of you who has already read & enjoyed Harp-and those readers who will share its pages in the future.  I hope I am communicating that what is happening to me, can happen to you as well.  Yes, you must take risks to go for your dream.  Yes, there are challenges–often challenges that seem insurmontable.  Yet, if you persevere, learn & hone your craft, stay strong & believe not just in yourself, but in a benevolent Universe–then perhaps, just perhaps, you will discover that angels really do have your back!

I’m just like you. I just decided one day that my dreams mattered enough to go for.  I have certain skills, yes, but so do you!  Each of us has a unique gift to offer the world.  So please, dear friends, don’t settle for anything less than what you really want to do in life. Go for what you really want–and trust that you will receive it. It ain’t always easy, but the rewards really are worth it.

And never forget to be grateful.  There is simply so much richness in our world–the slant of early morning sun on a child’s face . . . the smell of pizza roasting on the summer boardwalk at the Jersey shore . . .  the laughter of old men chuckling together over a chess game.  Life rocks– it truly rocks–remember to say “thank you” …

I also like to remember to “give back”.  Whether it’s putting a little extra in the plastic donation box by the 7 Eleven checkout or volunteering a few hours a week at a homeless shelter–give something back to make someone else’s live a little easier.

Smile at a stranger.  Blow bubbles for your cat.  And don’t ever forget to dance.

Two closing quotes (thanks to Sarah Ban Breathnach’s “Daybook of Simple Abundance”):

“Today a new sun rises for me; everything lives, everything is animated, everything seems to speak to me of my passion, everything invites me to cherish it.”  –Anne De Lenclos

“How to be happy when you are miserable. Plant Japanese poppies with cornflowers and mignonette, and bed out the petunias among the sweet-peas so that they shall scent each other.  See the sweet peas coming up…Drink very good tea out of a thin Worcester cup of a color between apricot and pink..” –Rumer Godden

 So, here’s to new suns and Worcester cups between apricot & pink–for us all!

Until next time, dear readers!


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A Final Link: DRAGON’S HARP Cover Artist Jo Jayson and I were interviewed on Cecily MacArthur’s telesummit in March about “Gwenhwyfar as a Goddess and Queen: Her Message to Women Today”


That’s all for now, folks! Have a magical summer….See you in August 🙂





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INSPIRATION & THE ARTIST’S WAY: How “Dragon’s Harp” was Born

As many of you already know, I am delighted to announce the publication of my first novel.  It is a work of Arthurian historical fantasy, first in a 5 book series: Era of Dragons: The Lost Tales of Gwenhwyfar. This first book, The Dragon’s Harp, is set in northern Wales during the 5th century CE and follows the coming of age of the young Gwenhwyfar.  Merlin appears in the third chapter and will remain through the series. He is, after all, Gwenhwyfar’s Uncle!  

Dragon’s Harp is rooted deep into the soil of my research of Welsh mythology and what little is known about Welsh history of the time. Druids, priestesses, dark forces (both human and unseen) abound.  There is also a very special dragon, Cymry, whom I suspect many of you will come to love as much as I have.  I also assure those of you who care about history that, much as I love mythology and fantasy, the world I have created for Gwen also reflects the historical reality of a very dangerous and bloody time period.  My book is written with adult and mature teen readers in mind, it is not a book for children.  Please feel free to enjoy the sample chapters, testimonials, & reader reviews I have included here for you.



1) Interview & eBook giveaway at Unabridged Chick April 18 Thanks to Audra:…

2)  April 18 Thanks to  Kimberley for your wonderful review at “A Novel Affair”

 3) Thanks to Darkiss for their double review: a male & female reviewer look at “DRAGON’S HARP”: Darkiss Reviews: APRIL 16

4) April 14: Heartfelt Thanks to “Let Them Read Books” :



                                  INSPIRATION & THE ARTIST’S WAY

I’m often asked where–and how–I find my inspiration to write.  Today my focus is to explore the answer to this question. However, as I respond with my own “life adventures”–I’d like each of you to take this journey with me.  As I describe my “process”, apply it to your own life. Whether you are a writer, an artist, a schoolteacher,  a grocery clerk, a cab driver, or joyfully rich and self-employed–all of us need to be inspired.  More importantly, we all need to learn how to create inspiration within ourselves–especially on those days when the computer breaks down, your preschooler’s coming down with some very nasty bug, & you and your significant other are deciding whether to pay for the car or the mortgage–because you don’t have enough money for both.

That’s when you really need inspiration–and trust me, the same inspiration that will get you through a day like the one I just described, will help you finish a novel, fly a plane, or drive a dog sled in the Itidarod-whatever floats your boat.


We are the hero of our own story.   -Mary McCarthy

We are taught in this culture to put others first. This is especially true of women, but men, too, have been trained to put what they want aside as somehow unimportant & just “suck it up”.  If you truly want to access your own inspirational power, ladies & gentleman–you have to learn to honor yourself–and your own, often very private, dreams.

This doesn’t mean you’ve got to quit your job & run wild through the streets. It does mean that you need to uncover what you truly want to do–and this often isn’t as easy as it sounds.  The first step is to spend time “remembering”–what did you most love to do as a kid?  Often these childhood dreams will clue you in to where your true passions lie–and there’s nothing wrong with taking those “old” dreams out now & then, in the privacy of your own heart, dusting them off again–exploring “why” they called to you…did you want to be an astronaut, a football hero, an artist…?

Then act on what you uncover–and this step is crucial. Your action can be a very small step, but you will know you are taking a step in the right direction by the gentle thrill you feel inside–as if your body & soul were saying “Yes!! It’s about time!”

Small steps can be: taking a course in astronomy at your local community college, buying a set of water colors, hiring a babysitter one afternoon or evening a week so you can get just a few hours of free time to relax & simply “be”–it is in these moments & experiences that your inspirational soul will begin to come awake–& alive!


“If one is a greyhound, why try to look like a Pekingese? ”   –Dame Edith Sitwell

This second step is another one that our culture frowns on–and it can be pretty tough to “pull off”, especially if it involves those close to us.  However, it’s crucial to unfettered inspiration. You must “lose the shame” . Guilt & shame are huge blocks to creative inspiration and personal happiness–they are also insidious.  If you find yourself 1) feeling guilty about taking any of the small steps I mentioned above and/or 2) if someone–either a family member, friend–or even a parental “ghost voice” –starts telling you you’re being 1) selfish 2) unsupportive of their needs TUNE THIS OUT!  (Unless, that is, you really have absconded with the family silver & are living the life of Riley on a Carribean island with a nonextradition policy–then, absolutely–you should feel guilty & ashamed of yourself! Otherwise ignore the complaints.)

Often even taking small steps to explore your heart’s passions may create a change in you deep enough that the people close to you get “edgy”.  As long as you know, in your heart of hearts, that you are balancing your responsibilities to others  with your newfound sense of yourself–and your new inspiration to explore what you most love–then: “TUNE IT OUT”.  And if you need “back-up”, I’ve found these 3 books essential:  The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, Your Heart’s Desire by Sonia Choquette, and–especially for women–Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort & Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach.


Any little bit of experimenting in self-nurturance is very frightening for most of us. -Julia Cameron

Now that you have begun to explore the areas that truly inspire you–and are learning to screen out the “naysayers” who try to make you feel guilty because you are beginning to chip away at uncovering–and beginning to live–your private dreams:  We turn to principal #3:  You must “Stick to Your Guns”. Perserverence & stamina for the long haul are your keys to inspirational principle #3.  And trust me, it is a whole lot easier to want to simply “fuggetaboutit” (I’ve definitely been living in Jersey for too long :).

Remember the day I described above–oh yeah–trust me, I’ve had them & still do. The trick is to not give in–even when everything’s falling apart around you.  Hold tight to what you do want to have happen–and don’t focus on what’s going wrong–or anticipate all the dreadful awful things that could happen..because all that will do is truly make it worse!

As many visionary leaders today continue to stress, we do have control over our attitudes. And yes, attitudes do make a big difference. Bob Marley once called worry, “prayers to the devil”.  Although I may not put it that strongly (I’m human & I do still catch myself worrying at times :)–I prefer Michael Beckwith’s approach. When Beckwith says, “The Answer is You”, he’s simply stating a profound truth–we’ve got control–we do not need to perceive ourselves as powerless victims.  We can take the steps necessary to create a healing & enjoyable life.

It ain’t always easy, but it can be done–trust me.  It’s how I got from working 3 jobs, going to school, & still living on Top Ramen &  chutzpah to writing & publishing my first novel–and receiving 4 & 5 star reviews.


“God is in the details.” –Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe

Here I will be short & sweet–since a lot of you–as old and new fans and friends–have asked me for suggestions on the craft of writing itself and how to get started at it. Not only will I be blogging about writing tips next month–but I’ve just started my own Writing Coaching Business: DRAGON’S EYE CREATIVE WRITING SERVICES.  Whoopie!!!

Now, however, since my focus is on inspiration in general–let’s just close by saying this: Whatever you do wish to pursue  as you explore your individual dream, you will eventually want to get training in it. Unless, that is, you truly are content to keep whatever your specific inspiration is “simple” and private–and, this, of course,  is your call all the way.

However, for most of us: whether it’s lessons in whittling from a master carver to a PhD in Aerodynamics, you will want to seek training in order to “grow your dream” more fully–you cannot do it all yourself!  Nor should you: if you want to be taken seriously as an artist, a writer, a pilot, a therapist, or a web-developer–you’ve gotta pursue excellence.

But that’s a whole ‘nother story 🙂 And for now, let me leave you with these two final quotes from Sarah Ban Breathnach’s wonderful Daybook of Comfort & Joy

The well of Providence is deep. It’s the buckets we bring to it that are small.  -Mary Webb


Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about…Say yes, quickly, if you know, if you’ve known it from before the beginning of the universe.   -Jalai ud-Din Rumi


                                                                  And may the Force be with Us All 🙂


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Writing Blog Post 2

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                            Welcome to My Website and Writing Blog: Blog 2 

My name is Rachael Pruitt and in this second blog I will be looking at the story of how DRAGON’S HARP was born–trust me there’s more than a little bit of magic involved!


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I’m also proud of my “GUEST POSTS, the most recent being for Marcie’s fantastic blog at “2Read or Not 2Read”. I address where I get my inspiration–and where you can find yours as well!


I also will be offering you 2 new blog posts this upcoming weekend (April 14th)–one here & one about teaching workshops (“next door”). HAVE AN ENCHANTED DAY!!!


In my upcoming website blog (right here in mid April), I will be sharing writing tips & resources & a closer look at the reality of ancient Celtic Goddesses & women–this last is a subject I’ve been blogging about a great deal as I travel on DRAGON’S HARP  blog tour (Please see my Event page here & on FB for links).

For those of you who do not know me yet: I am a writer, teacher, and storyteller passionate about many things which I will share here with you.  I also believe that–as with any good story or novel—it is readers and listeners who make the story “come alive”.  So I would love to hear from you, either via the comment section on my website, my Facebook page, or Twitter.  I will look forward to including many of your suggestions for topics of interest on this blog.

As many of you already know, I am delighted to announce the publication of my first novel.  It is a work of Arthurian historical fantasy, first in a 5 book series: Era of Dragons: The Lost Tales of Gwenhwyfar. This first book, The Dragon’s Harp, is set in northern Wales during the 5th century CE and follows the coming of age of the young Gwenhwyfar.  Merlin appears in the third chapter and will remain through the series. He is, after all, Gwenhwyfar’s Uncle!  

Dragon’s Harp is rooted deep into the soil of my research of Welsh mythology and what little is known about Welsh history of the time. Druids, priestesses, dark forces (both human and unseen) abound.  There is also a very special dragon, Cymry, whom I suspect many of you will come to love as much as I have.  I also assure those of you who care about history that, much as I love mythology and fantasy, the world I have created for Gwen also reflects the historical reality of a very dangerous and bloody time period.  My book is written with adult and mature teen readers in mind, it is not a book for children.  Please feel free to enjoy the sample chapters, testimonials, & reader reviews I have included here for you.

Event Update: Telesummit for Dragon’s Harp Thursday March 22 at 8 pm Eastern

This will be posted on my events page as well, but if you’d like to listen in to Dragon’s Harp cover artist, Jo Jayson & me on our very first telesummit   8 pm (Eastern) March 22.  I will also be announcing my new writing coach-consults offer: Here’s the FaceBook link:

Cecily MacArthur

Join us on on Thursday, March 22nd, at 5:00pm PST/8:00pm EST to meet the author Rachael Pruitt and her cover artist Joy Jayson as we talk about the book, Celtic legends, and Goddess Power

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Thanks to Jenn , Allison & Siobian for their wonderful reviews!


Goddesses, Queens, & The Writing Process:

How DRAGON’S HARP Came to be Written: part 1 


Given the number of times I’ve been asked about writing & how DRAGON’S HARP came to be, I thought it would probably be fun to devote this second blog to the story of how I was inspired to write HARP (later blogs will describe the actual route I took to publication).  As I told readers in my initial blog, I’m happy to share my story & lots of tips about writing and self-publishing here on my website.  But I’ll be doing this to inspire you–not just to “brag on” about myself. There’s enough of that elsewhere!  Here it’s just you & me–and if you’re like me, you’ve got plenty of dreams & might like some help bringing them to life.  I certainly did–and still do!

The idea for DRAGON’S HARP actually came to me several decades ago when my daughter was still a toddler and I, a young mother sitting on rocks overlooking the Pacific, watching as my little girl toddled over driftwood into an early morning mist. We were encased in fog, the waves sounding soft & muffled, & suddenly, the first paragraphs of HARP came to me, literally as if they, too, were  a part of the mysterious yet beautiful dawn fog that surrounded us:

Men  have called me beautiful.  But the gods men worship now have cursed beauty.

My name is Gwenhwyfar, born daughter to Cadwallon, Ordovician King of Dinas Emrys in the North.  As a young woman, I married Arthur, High King of all the tribes of Albion. I am no stranger to the ways of sovereignty.  I know much of pride and stature. Yet I am old now, I see my past and shudder.

I stand, barefoot, on my favorite beach at dawn, a bit dizzy  with the joy of escaping my small cottage before Mica can rise, dress my hair properly, and insist I behave like the queen I once was.

Strange how this small forgotten island feels like the grit of home beneath these old toes. For it was in the hills and not beside the sea that I first tumbled out of bed and saw the stars….       (Dragon’s Harp, Pruitt (c) 2012)

The prologue of my novel came that dramatically. I do not exaggerate!  Yet it took me close to 25 years to “get serious” about giving this haunting voice that had found me a true home–a book all her own.

Perhaps you are like me–for procrastination is my middle name!  Yet it was more than procrastination that kept me from trying to finish HARP sooner.  I believe, I truly had to “grow into” this amazing character called Gwenhwyfar (Welsh spelling of Guinevere) and I also had to develop the skills to take her story further–to turn it into a book worth reading.        

During my next blog post (two weeks from now), I will address the actual writing journey that unfolded as I grew and developed as an aspiring author and the research that went into the writing of DRAGON’S HARP. I will also be providing you with writing resources, strategies, and reference books that I have personally found very useful. Tonight though, if you will allow me, I wish to comment further on the actual mystique of writing–and share a truly magical story about how my cover artist Jo Jayson & I met.

We will fast-forward to a time, towards the end of last summer (2011), when I was struggling with just how to create–or find–an artist who would develop a cover for DRAGON’S HARP. For you see, I had finally made the decision–after years of hearing “we really like this, but…” from agents—to go the more risky route of doing it myself.

But a book cover? I was exploring a few alternatives when I happened to pick up a magazine at a friend’s office.  Ordinarily, it was the kind of local publication that I breeze through quickly &/or file away and forget about (My closet, I fear will bear witness to this “filing” tendancy of mine.  It’s filled to overflowing with stuff that should have been recycled first time around! Can anyone else out there appreciate this? )    

For once, however, my packrat tendencies proved to be a goldmine.  While absent-mindedly glancing through the magazine, an image caught my eye. It was a stunning painting and there was something unique about it. Beyond the image of the woman herself, there was a power that seemed to radiate off the paper. I was intrigued enough to go to the artist’s website.  There, as I explored, I saw glorious scarves as well as paintings and oracle cards. Jo Jayson, the artist, ( was clearly a very talented lady–yet it wasn’t until I explored further that I saw it–the wondrous image you see on the cover of DRAGON’S HARP. Here was the image I had dreamed of–a strong powerful, sexy, mysterious young woman–clearly coming into her power, self-confident and assured.  Here was “my” Gwenhwyfar.  She even had the red-gold hair that my character had insisted on!

Can you imagine my shock when I looked closer at the painting & saw that it was actually named “Guinevere–The Queen” by Jo Jayson. That did it, I called Jo–and the rest is “herstory”!

It gets even better, for Jo tells me that the day before I called she had gone to a healer who informed her that she needed to “pay more attention to Guinevere”. I, for my part, had also heard from a friend two days befiore that she sensed some beautiful Goddess energy around my novel & its cover!

Whether you believe in such things or not–I certainly do–and Jo & I are firmly convinced that Gwenhwyfar, the glorious, mysterious, much-maligned, archetypial lady that I love to call “The Once & Future Queen” had a hand in it all!

We are both honored and blessed to have found each other as artists & creative collaborators. More importantly, as Jo and I look at the mystical world & Queen we have both been called to interpret in our different art forms, we cannot help but shiver at the ever-present magic of Camelot.  From the ancient British Isles to the beaches of Oregon to the streets of New York, there still lives an extraordinary Queen–a strong, fascinating, profoundly-romantic woman who dwells not far beneath the regal surface of her legend. Priestess, lover, queen: it’s time to hear her story at last!

  • Sister Fionntulach on Writing Blog Post 2Blessings upon your book, Rachel..! I began my spiritual journey forty years ago because of my deep appreciation of the Arthurian tales; they affected me greatly - and always will - on an archetypal level... Because of this there is a sweet poetry to your inclusion of one of my early verses at the opening of your story.. I am grateful for that, my way of giving thanks to Merlin et al! Thank you Rachael, for nourishing the Celtic group soul. Le beannachdan ....
  • admin on Writing Blog Post 2Thank you so much, Sister Fionntulach! I am delighted to “meet” you, in cyberspace at least! I thank you for allowing me to use your beautiful poem at the beginning of HARP & for sharing your own passion for the magic of these beloved tales. I am so glad that this presents a completing cycle for you–I suspect Merlin holds you in his heart as well! It is a true delight to meet you…bless you for stopping by 🙂 (And if ever you feel like sharing a bit of your wise poetic magic on my FB page–I would be deeply honored indeed..)




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Welcome to My Website and Writing Blog 

My name is Rachael Pruitt and in this first blog I will explain what you can expect to see here in the future.  I am a writer, teacher, and storyteller passionate about many things which I will share here with you.  I also believe that–as with any good story or novel—it is readers and listeners who make the story “come alive”.  So I would love to hear from you, either via the comment section on my website, my Facebook page, or Twitter.  I will look forward to including many of your suggestions for topics of interest on this blog.

As many of you already know, I am delighted to announce the publication of my first novel.  It is a work of Arthurian historical fantasy, first in a 5 book series: Era of Dragons: The Lost Tales of Gwenhwyfar. This first book, The Dragon’s Harp, is set in northern Wales during the 5th century CE and follows the coming of age of the young Gwenhwyfar.  Merlin appears in the third chapter and will remain through the series. He is, after all, Gwenhwyfar’s Uncle!  

Dragon’s Harp is rooted deep into the soil of my research of Welsh mythology and what little is known about Welsh history of the time. Druids, priestesses, dark forces (both human and unseen) abound.  There is also a very special dragon, Cymry, whom I suspect many of you will come to love as much as I have.  I also assure those of you who care about history that, much as I love mythology and fantasy, the world I have created for Gwen also reflects the historical reality of a very dangerous and bloody time period.  My book is written with adult and mature teen readers in mind, it is not a book for children.  Please feel free to enjoy the sample chapters, testimonials, & reader reviews I have included here for you.

Amy Bruno of Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours (Passages to the Past) will be organizing my blog tour beginning March 7, 2012.  We have 19 bloggers onboard and I’m very excited! Interested readers:  I’ll be sharing the tour with you as it unfolds. Please stay tuned for details!

Dragon’s Harp is currently available as a Kindle and KOBO eBook.  By the first of March (2012), it will be available in print to UK readers as well as US readers.  Check here, my FB, and Twitter for updates. 


                                                                FUTURE BLOG TOPICS

For any of you who are teachers or parents most interested in my storytelling and personal mythology workshops & classes, please zip over to the dragon welcoming you to the “Workshop” door. There is definitely some overlap with everything I do, and writers and teachers may certainly be interested in both, but here we will be concentrating on the following topics (at least for our starting place! )

We will be looking at:

1)      Creative Writing in general, including tips, resources, and recommended websites for aspiring writers & authors. This will include info for young adult writers as well as those of us who somehow feel we’ve passed the threshold into adulthood (Sometimes I wonder! Do you?!).

2)      My Personal Writer’s Journey.  This will be offered not because of my ego, but as inspiration for those of you who really dream of writing a book—or a poem or a memoir– and would like some advice and resources on just how to go about doing it.  Big and most important tip of all: Ignore the naysayers.  They will only depress and confuse you.  If you are really determined, you’ll manage!

3)      Arthurian Legends: ‘Nuff said

4)      Ancient Celtic Cultures of Wales, Ireland, and Europe

5)      Dragons in Celtic and World Mythology: Have fun exploring this fascinating topic with me!

6)      Celtic Romance

7)      Gwenhwyfar, Ceridwen, The Lady of the Lake, Brighid, Boudicca and other Celtic Goddesses and Queens

8)      Merlin

9)      Arthur in History and Mythology

10)   Lancelot’s Mythology

11)   Medraut (Mordred): When is a Villain really a Villain?

12)   Druids: In History, Myth, and Modern Life

13)   Women and Goddesses in Celtic Culture

14)   The Power of Fantasy

15)   Readers’ Choice: Here’s where you get to contribute your suggestions and ideas.  I’ll be happy to follow up on any suggestion that I feel will be of interest to readers.

For a sample of my blogging, please join me at the guest blog I authored this past May 2011 on my friend “Alexa Grave’s” blog site.  It addresses the importance of fantasy, including some of my all-time favorite fantasy authors.  It also includes the opening paragraphs of Dragon’s Harp. Enjoy!

This guest blog was initially written as a launch for Seton Hill’s wonderful writing anthology, Many Genres, One Craft, which has gone on to be named as one of the Top Ten Terrific Writing Books of 2011 by none other than Writer Magazine.  I was honored to have contributed an article, To Dream a Dragon, about fantasy writing to this fantastic collection of down-to-earth how-to articles.

Please enjoy my guest blog at:

I have also included on this site (or will include shortly!)  my two Arthurian poems.  Both were published by that wonderful magazine of historical fantasy, Paradox, edited by Chris Cevasco (The magazine is now retired, sadly, for it had many fans!).

My poems first saw print in 2008 and 2009 respectively, and were written from Merlin and Arthur’s perspective.  As you can tell by now, the Arthurian legend has been a passion of mine for a very, very long time—ever since I was a little girl discovering Glastonbury Tor and the so-called tombs of Gwenhwyfar and Arthur for the first time!!

Please enjoy yourselves on these pages!  I look forward to hearing from you and will be back in touch with my first blog the first week of March 2012!  In the meantime, readers, wherever you are, may your lives be filled with magic, sweetness, creativity, and grace… .with just a touch of mystery…..whispering of other world realms…


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  • Andrew on WelcomeTerrific book!
  • admin on WelcomeThanks a million, Andrew! So glad you enjoyed "Harp". I'm working on the sequel and hope to have it completed winter--spring 2012-13 :)Have a magical day 🙂 Rachael
  • Michelle on WelcomeRachael, so happy to get on here and see what is in store for us! I will have to read your poetry. It is always sad when traditional magazines retire, perhaps they are moving online? I want to congratulate you on the beautiful website and your new book! Best wishes for success!
  • admin on WelcomeYou are so welcome, Michelle!! Thank you so much for your best wishes. Can't wait to hear what you think of DRAGON'S HARP! I'm looking forward to future conversations about Gwenhwyfar, Merlin, & Avalon 🙂 I'm also gearing up for my blog tour next month--it's all very exciting. I'll be posting details next week. Would be great to have you come along! Thank you again--and have a magical day! Rachael
  • Persia Woolley on WelcomeWhat a wonderful site, dear lady--gentle, mysterious, enticing, curious-making. Can't think of a more appropriate way to present your subject and "Dragon's Harp."
  • admin on WelcomeDear Persia, This is high praise indeed from one of my most beloved mentors! For those who do not yet know, Persia Woolley is the esteemed author of the "Guinevere Triology" beginning with CHILD OFTHE NORTHERN SPRING. Her triology has recently been re-released & is now available on Amazon--her many fans are delighted!! Visit Persia's website at "" And, in the meantime, dear lady, welcome to my blog--I look forward to sharing all things Arthurian & "Gwenhwyfar--Guinevereian" with you!! Thank you so much for your visit & kind words 🙂
  • Merlin on WelcomeMerrie Meet, and thank you for this information, I will take a look around and come back to you soon. Blessed Be Merlin
  • admin on WelcomeThanks for stopping in, Big Guy! Feel free to read the sample chapters 🙂 May your day be filled with magic....
  • Kia on WelcomeCongratulations, Rachael, Your website is great. I loved reading parts of your chapters. As I read them I hear the wonderful voice of yours. I feel like you are reading to me. Many blessings on your journey as the world experiences You. aloha kia
  • admin on WelcomeBless you, Kia, for your warm wishes and precious feedback! Your opinion means a great deal to me. So glad you are enjoying Gwenhwyfar & Merlin's story. If you are not an eBook reader, I'm thrilled to announce that the printed version of "Dragon's Harp" will be available later this week (by March 7) on Amazon & book stores should be able to order it by mid-March! Thank you again, Kia, for your gracious comments--all bright blessings to you! Anyone interested, Kia is an amazing healer, do please check out her website at Aloha, sweet lady!
  • Ms Max on WelcomeRachael, who did the artwork for your cover? And, have you read Evangeline Walton's Mabinogion Tetralogy? You're book was recommended by Sharon Penman, btw. It looks wonderful.
  • admin on WelcomeGreetings Ms. Max, So glad to hear from you! Dragon's Harp's wonderful cover artwork is a combination of Jo Jayson's fantastic painting of Gwenhyfar (Guinevere--The Queen) & Marilyn Hager Adelman's cover design. Jo's website is "" & Marilyn's is "'. Marliyn's husband, Andrew Adelman also designed my website. Yes, I have read Walton's Tetralogy. I personally love it--it's a bit "old-fashioned" in terms of writing style, yet very poetic & evocative of ancient Wales. If you are a fan of the Mabinogion, you will probably really enjoy it. It's just been re-released, I believe, on Amazon. So glad you are interested in "Dragon's Harp"--please feel free to enjoy the sample chapters on my website and if it proves to be your "cup of tea"--it's available as either an eBook and as a printed novel on Amazon. We hope to have it available in bookstores in the UK & Australia, as well as the US in a matter of a few weeks. Also, I am currently on a blog tour beginning March 7-April 30. I'll be posting links to my blogs & reviews on my event page & it would be wonderful if you would like to "follow along"--I hope to be posting about many aspects of the Arthurian tradition. Sharon's recommendation means the world to me. Yes, I am her friend, yet, if you know Sharon, integrity & high writing standards are very important to her. It is a true honor that she recommends my novel--she would not do so if she did not believe it was worthy of reading!! Thank you very much for your comments and questions, Ms Max. Please do stay in touch--it would be great to have your imput on my upcoming blogs.
  • Monica Elaine Spence on WelcomeHi Rachel, You have a beautiful website. Congratulations on the publication of your new book! I can't wait to read it!
  • admin on WelcomeThank you, Monica! As a historical novelist yourself, I am especially interested in your feedback! So glad you like our website. I'm working on a new blog about writing to be posted this weekend--hope you enjoy! Have a fantastic day!
  • Theresa on WelcomeRachel, I love your website and am looking forward to reading your book!!
  • admin on WelcomeThank you very much, Theresa! Great to have connected with you 🙂 All best!
  • Patti on WelcomeRachel, I love your book. I find myself lost in the passages. I have always enjoyed your storytelling. I miss seeing and hearing your stories in person. I wish you the greatest success. You have inspired me to follow my dreams.
  • admin on WelcomePatti--I am so happy that I have inspired you to fulfill your own writing dreams! That makes my day--and, as far as I'm concerned--that's what writing & reading are all about, to inspire ourselves & each other and to help make sense & add dignity & understanding to our often mysterious, sometimes challenging, always wondrous world 🙂 Please do join me on FB as well. A new post is coming on my website & FB pages today--in honor of St. Patrick's Day! And, Patti, so many people have been requesting this, that I have added a writing consulting tab on my website. If you would ever like me to consult with you about your writing projects either in person or over the phone or internet, please don't hesitate to contact me 🙂 In the meantime--thank you so much for your gracious feedback on DRAGON'S HARP & for allowing me to know that I've inspired you too! Have a magical day! Happy St. Pat's!
  • Cecily MacArthur on WelcomeCongratulations, Rachael! Just loved your book! Couldn't put it down, and have recommended it to everyone I know...
  • admin on WelcomeThank you so much, Cecily! I am deeply honored & moved that you enjoyed HARP & are recommending it! I cannot thank you enough & do tell any new fans you connect with to visit us here at the website & on FB or Twitter 🙂 All bright blessings & thanks again 🙂