Rachael Pruitt

Photo by Shelley Krapes

Ms. Pruitt has been a teaching artist, a professional storyteller, and creative writing teacher for over twenty-five years in Washington DC, the Pacific Northwest, and southern New Jersey and has presented successful teacher workshops since the mid-nineties.  Ms. Pruitt has also been a classroom and ESL teacher for over ten years, during which time she has consistently offered her background in storytelling and creative writing to engage at-risk and gifted and talented students in literacy activities.

Her program “Myths for Our Time” has been vetted by the Director of Teacher Services at the Smithsonian Institute as “not simply enrichment, but is an example of the way we should be teaching our young people: integrating the social studies, language arts, and fine arts curricula with critical thinking and writing skills; and perhaps most importantly, with meaningful ties to students’ lives.”