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Welcome to the Storytelling Community

Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting!  My name is Rachael Pruitt and I am an author of Arthurian historical fantasy as well as being a writing teacher and storyteller. If you are more interested in my own novels and tips about writing in general, please visit the dragon door marked “Writing”.  Here you will find information about the creative workshops and classes I teach for young people from K-12 grade—up to, and including adults!

Here you will also find items and links of interest to parents, teachers, and public & private school administrators concerned with creativity in the classroom and the importance of addressing the needs of the “whole child” in today’s classrooms, in both public and private sectors.

I have worked with children professionally for over 30 years, first as an Artist in Residence, then as an ESL classroom teacher.  My multicultural storytelling and creative writing programs have been lauded by the Smithsonian, Yes Magazine, and guidance counselors, teachers, and administrators nationally. Most importantly, children and teens love them!

The following pages behind this “Workshop” door offer more details about my programs, including current listings, testimonials, press articles, and potential future projects.

Perhaps most important of all, I hope to provide encouragement, resources, and support for overwhelmed teachers and parents who feel as if their child’s creativity is getting lost in the shuffle of the “high stakes” testing climate in US public schools.   Nor–given what I hear from friends who teach in England– is this phenomenon unique to the USA.

I will be blogging on these topics and many more!  Yet, as a storyteller and teacher, I am keenly aware that no communication process is complete without feedback.  Thus, I would love to hear from you about your concerns as parents, teachers, and teens concerned with the quality of your own creative education.   Please contact me via this website if you have a suggested blog topic or would like to suggest additional resources!

I plan to offer a new blog every two weeks beginning in March 2012.

In the meantime, please do explore and enjoy my website.  If you find a class of mine that interests you,  do use the contact form to get in touch with me.  I would be honored to work with you!